Creekside Farms - Who We Are

We were both born and raised in Concord, NC and graduated from Mt. Pleasant High School in 1997. We went to NC State University and graduated in 2001 with degrees in Civil Engineering (Chad) and Agricultural Business Management (Faith). We moved back to Concord after graduation, started working, and got married in September 2002. We spent the next several years looking for a place in the country where we could raise our future children and teach them a good work ethic and where food comes from. In 2007, we purchased land, built a house, and started our farm. We have since been blessed with two sons. We began selling our products to the public in 2009 and have been blessed with a multitude of wonderful customers.  Currently Chad is employed full-time as an engineer off of the farm (and part-time at Creekside) and Faith works full-time on the farm and stays at home with the boys.

Chad and Faith VonCannon