Creekside Farms - 100% Grassfed Beef

Here at Creekside Farms our beef is raised as herbivores were intended. This means that they eat a diet containing nothing but grass during the warm months and hay during the winter. They are not fed grain or fermented silage. Our goal is to as closely as possible follow the three characteristics that herbivores exhibit naturally. These are mobbing for predator protection, movement often to fresh grass and a diet that contains forages only.

When the grass is actively growing, we move our cows to a new pasture paddock roughly every day. We use portable electric fencing to give them their daily forage allotment. We then move them on to their fresh new forage the next day. This practice allows the land to heal, thickens the forage, reduces pathogens, reduces weeds and increases the nutritional value of the meat.

We work with several local farmers in the area to provide the cattle that we raise here on the farm. Our cattle are a mixture of several different breeds. All the cattle we have here on the farm were born in Cabarrus, or a neighboring, County. We also only work with farmers that agree to not use synthetic growth hormone implants.


Lots of Healthy Grass

Pasture Rotation