From Our Farm to Your Table

Pasture-raised foods delivered to your neighborhood

Pasture Raised Poultry

We believe that chickens and turkeys were made to live outside on
pasture. Our birds have beaks and are allowed to eat grass, bugs,
grasshoppers and what ever else they can find.

We raise our broilers (meat chickens) and turkeys in open bottom
movable pens that are moved to fresh grass each and every day. These
pens allow the birds protection from predators while still giving them
room to roam around, fresh air to breathe and grass to eat.

Our laying hens are raised in larger open bottom pens that are moved
to fresh grass each day. Again, this gives the birds access to fresh
air, sunlight, grass and bugs. This makes some of the darkest yolks and
richest eggs you will ever eat.

The feed that we use for all of our chickens is ground for us by a
local farmer. This feed is NON-GMO, uses only whole grains, and is
antibiotic and hormone free.