So What Exactly is a Meat CSA?

August 22, 2017

First off, CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture) were started many years ago by produce farmers as a way to help connect the customer and the farmer.  This model provided many positive functions for both the farmer and the customer.   

For the farmer, it provided a reliable outlet for their product, it helped manage risk and it provided cash flow to grow the crop.  When you join a CSA you purchase your product up front, thus providing the farmer with the funds they need to produce the crop.  Secondly, that farmer can raise much or all of his crop knowing that it is sold.  Also, in a worst case situation where the farmer loses much of his crop to a weather disaster, the loss is shared among many CSA members and is not solely on the farmer.

For the customer, it provides the opportunity to be a partner with the farmer and know your purchase is directly connected to the crop being grown.  It also provides the customer with an education in the seasonality of many products, and challenges customers to learn to utilize products they may not have much experience with.  The single biggest benefit to the customer may very well be the fact that they are committed to having fresh local, healthy products available to their family on a consistent basis.  Let's be honest, life throws us plenty of distractions that keep us from the farmers market or heading out to the farm consistently.

So with all that said, how does Creekside Farms' CSA work?   Our meat CSA is not exactly like the original model that CSAs were created under.  The biggest difference is that there is no risk!  You will get the product you pay for, so you are not subject to the risk that produce farmers are to a failed crop.  But this option does provide you with the satisfaction that comes with knowing your family is going to eat healthy and be supporting a local farmer.  We have been operating our CSA for over 8 years now with many families being signed up from the beginning!  

The process is fairly simple:rt/ you will select either a half or whole share for you family (example shares are shown on the website https://www.creeksidefarms-nc.... ), you pay for your CSA at your first pickup/delivery, and then for the next 5 months your family will receive a package of our products each month at no additional cost.  

Your package typically contains a set product list but we do allow customers to swap items out or choose to not receive products that they know they will not use.  We want this to be a positive experience for everyone!  You can sign up any month of the year and begin to recieve your product at the next CSA weekend (the second weekend of the month).   If that particular weekend does not work for you, we can reschedule as needed.  And yes, home delivery of your CSA is an option!

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