Purchasing half/whole cows and pigs.

We do offer for sale large size quantities of beef and pork for families that are looking to stock up or split with other families.  All prices are given based off the hanging weight of the animals.  This is typically 600 to 700 lbs for cows and 250lbs to 325 lbs for pigs.  On average you will take home approximately 70 percent of the hanging weight in finished meat for a cow and 80 percent in finished meat for a pig.  All orders are completely custom cut and include all processing charges.  We will walk you through the process and make it it very simple and straightforward.  It is a great way to supply product for your family while receiving a discount of at least 20 percent if not more.  Please contact us with your questions or the place your order.


    Whole Cow - $4.25/lb

    Half Cow - $4.50/lb


    Whole Pig - $3.25/lb

    Half Pig - $3.50/lb

CSA (Community Support Agriculture) Subscription Service

Our CSA was originally started in 2010 as an additional way for customers to ensure their families were receiving nutrient dense healthy food to eat each month.  Many families find this as a great way to ensure this.  The process is fairly simple, you will select either a half or whole share for you family (example shares are below), you pay for your CSA at your first pickup/delivery and then for the next 5 months your family will receive a package of our products each month at no additional cost.  

You package typically contains a set product list but we do allow customers to swap items out or choose to not receive products that they know they will not use.  We want this to be a positive experience for everyone!  To signup for the CSA simply email us at the contact link below and we will walk you through the process to get you started.  And yes, home delivery of your CSA is an option!

Cost for the CSA shares are listed below:

         -   1/2 share - $450 for 6 months (equals $75 per month)

         -   Full share - $840 for 6 months (equals $140 per month)

1/2 Share (Example)                                                      

  1 dozen eggs

  2 lb ground beef

  1 pk Breakfast Sausage

  1 whole chicken

  1 pk pork chops

  1 pk bratwurst

  1 pk NY strips

Full Share (Example)

  2 dozen eggs

  4 lbs ground beef

  2 pks breakfast sausge

  1 whole chicken

  1 whole cut up chicken

  2 pk pork chops

  1 pk NY strips

  1 pk sirloin steak

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