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Thanks,  Chad & Faith

We purchased our first half cow from Creekside Farms last year and
are so glad we made the investment! Chad was kind enough to walk us through
the entire process and patient when we had our list of questions. We were
able to pick the exact cuts of meat we wanted and it was all vacuum sealed
to perfection so we didn't have to worry about losing anything in the
freezer. The beef tastes so amazing! What we were previously purchasing from
the grocery stores doesn't even compare. The value was exceptional . We had
enough beef to get our family of six through a good portion of the year and
knew we were putting the very best into our bodies. Well worth the money
spent and something we plan on doing every year going forward! Thanks
Creekside Farms!!

K. Maddox

We have enjoyed Creekside Farms for about 3 years now.  I first picked up from them at the Winecoff Rd Market, where my girls and I got to know Chad & Faith (and anyone else helping them)! They are so down to earth & friendly...just good people.  Our first Thanksgiving, I took my girls out to the farm so we could see where our food comes from!  I love knowing that I can support a local family and provide my family with food that is safe (not to mention ethically raised).  With 2 girls who play soccer, our Saturdays mornings are now FULL!  I was SO happy that Creekside started a delivery service!  Now I order online and have it delivered on Thursday nights.  I get ALL of our meat, chicken, Thanksgiving turkey, eggs, honey and cheese (and sometimes veggies) from their delivery service.  So super convenient.  I highly recommend stopping by the farmers market to meet them and get to know where your food comes from!  When you can trust your food source, it feels good!

Jesse Rae A.

Our family has been enjoying Creekside Farms meats and eggs for almost 10 years! We love the many ways we can get their products. Our favorite is the weekly delivery. With three young kids and a husband who travels for work, having the items brought to our door is a huge plus! Faith and Chad are super sweet and are quick to respond to any requests. We have loved to see their offerings expand to include milk, cheese, fresh veggies, and various other products. I love that they have made buying local convenient and delicious!

Brian & Kristie D.

We’ve gotten to know Chad & Faith Von Cannon through our regular visits to the Winecoff Farmer’s Market over the years. After years of buying from them it’s great to be able to order online and pick up at the farmer’s market. That way I never have to worry about them running out of whatever I wanted that week. They also have "featured and sale" items on their website which is a great way to stock
up our freezer. And because of their relationships with other local food businesses we can now get our milk and cheese at
our weekly farmer’s market visit. They were even able to order some specific cheeses from Ashe Co. Cheese for us which is great because now we don’t have to go to West Jefferson for our local cheese fix! We are big proponents of supporting local farmers and eating local as much as possible and Creekside Farms makes that so easy!

Chad & Jessica B.

We have been ordering from Creekside Farm for over 2 years. I am so grateful to have a convenient way to buy humane, organic
meat. It is a bit more expensive but I feel good that I am eating meat from animals who are treated and live the way animals are meant to. I also know that their meat was processed either locally or very close by. That means the animals did not experience undo stress before they are processed. And this all leads to an exceptional quality meat with great taste! Working with Chad and Faith is so easy. I order meat every 4-5 weeks and it's delivered to my house for only $5! I order an assortment of things and store it in my freezer. I like this because then I don't have to specifically plan meals for the following week, but I know, for example, we will go through 10 (1 lb) packs of ground beef over 4-5 weeks. I will order that each month and then take one out of my freezer in the AM and thaw for dinner that night. Then I only have to shop for veggies and sides each week! I have all my meat for 5 weeks! I'm so grateful for your calling, hard work and mission, Chad and Faith!!

Lauren C.