Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

How does the ordering process work?

You will begin by exploring our site and viewing the products that are available for sale.  Once you determine you would like to make a purchase, you will simply add the products you are interested in to your cart.  Once you have completed your shopping and begin the check-out process, you will  need to choose pickup at Creekside Farms, as that is currently the only option available.

We will put your order together within a few days of it being placed, send you an Order Packed email with your total amount due, and another email with pickup instructions.  If you do not receive those emails from us within a few days, please check your spam/junk folder.  

How is my credit card charged?

Many of our products have varying weights, with this being the case when you check out you will be provided with an estimated total.  Once your order is packaged your actual weights will have been entered and your card will be charged an amount very close to your estimated amount.  For example, you may select and pay for a pack of ground beef that is estimated to weight 1.0 lbs, when we fill your order the pack may weigh 1.05 lbs causing your total to be slightly higher than estimated.  We always strive to be very close with our weights.  Once your order has been packaged then you will receive an email with a detailed receipt confirming your payment.