Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

Pasture-raised foods delivered to your neighborhood

How does the ordering process work?

You will begin by exploring our site and viewing the products that are available for sale.  Once you determine you would like to make a purchase you will simply add the products you are interested in to your cart.  Once you have completed your shopping and begin the check-out process, you will be asked for your zip code first, then you will be asked to either sign in or register.  Once you have registered or signed in, your options for receiving your order will be listed for you.  If your zip code is part of one of our delivery zones, then home delivery will be listed as an option.  You will also be shown the approximate distance from your zip code to our pickup locations to assist your decision.

How does the home delivery process work?

We strive to make it very simple and convenient.  Simply shop the site, select your products and fill your cart.  Then you will be asked to enter your zip code or log into your account.  Entering your zip code will allow you to see if we deliver to your area.  Select the home delivery option and choose your payment method.  You will be provided an estimated total of the items in your cart.  Once your order has been packaged, your total will be sent to you and your card charged if you selected that method.  The day before your delivery, you will be emailed an approx. 2 hour block of time to anticipate the arrival of your order.  Starting is February 2021 we have split our delivery zone into a northern section and southern section.  We will be delivering to the northern section on Wednesday and southern on Thursday.  This change is due to the increase in demand for our products and to make things more efficient.

Why a 2 hour block of time and what if I am not sure I can be home then?

First off, our driver deals with many potential hold ups during her route, the biggest being traffic.  We always strive to be "on time" but issues can arise.  If you are not sure you will be at home, simply leave a cooler big enough for your order in a convenient place and we will drop the order off.  If something comes up on your end please contact us ASAP so we can be aware of the issue.

What is the total "extra" cost to have my order delivered to my home?

Our delivery fee currently is $5.99 with a minimum order of $45.  You pay no other extras.  All products are sold at a similar price as they would be at the farmers market we attend!

What if home delivery is not offered to my zip code?

Please contact us via email and we will discuss your location and see if delivery is possible.  Please understand that delivering an order to a location that requires a good bit of travel is cost prohibitive.   

What if I just want to pickup my order at one of your locations?

First off, check out our available pickup locations, be sure to also look at what days and times pickups are available at the location.  Once you have found the pickup location that works best for you, you will be able to select that location at checkout.

How is my credit card charged?

Many of our products have varying weights, with this being the case when you check out you will be provided with an estimated total.  Once your order is packaged your actual weights will have been entered and your card will be charged an amount very close to your estimated amount.  For example, you may select and pay for a pack of ground beef that is estimated to weight 1.0 lbs, when we fill your order the pack may weigh 1.05 lbs causing your total to be slightly higher than estimated.  We always strive to be very close with our weights.  Once your order has been packaged then you will receive an email with a detailed receipt confirming your payment.