From Our Farm to Your Table

Pasture-raised foods delivered to your neighborhood

At Creekside Farms we believe the way we let our animals live is just as important as what we feed them.  Animals should be allowed to live on pasture, eat grass, etc..  We also recognize the value on both the animal and the quality of the finished product when you properly handle and treat the animals before processing.  

Almost all of our beef and pork are processed here locally at Cruse Meats.  Cruse Meats is located less than 5 miles from the farm thus meaning we can take the animals straight from the pasture to the processor with limited stress on them.  Cruse Meats is a family operated NCDA-inspected processing facility.  All products are vacuum sealed, labeled and weighed at the processor.

All of our poultry products are processed here at Creekside Farms.  We operate under a federal rule that allows us to process up to 20,000 chickens or turkeys per year.  These birds must be raised on our farms and sold by our farm.   We process weekly from April through December.  The birds are processed one day, then left on ice to chill overnight, then bagged and weighed the following day.  This provides our customers the freshest chicken possible each weekend.  As an added bonus, no chlorine or other chemicals are ever sprayed or applied to our chickens!