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Inventory Update

Well what an interesting 2 weeks it has been... as most of you know, we have been a little busy! It has been unlike anything we have ever experienced before. As many of you can tell, we have reached the point of being out of many of our items. We wanted to provide you with a little update on our expected inventories going forward. We are now completely reliant on our beef/pork processor to get our animals processed, we have plenty of cows and pigs to be processed but the bottleneck for now is the meat processing. We are expecting a whole cow back tomorrow, but much of it will go to filling existing delivery orders for this week. We then expect to get an additional cow and 2-3 pigs back late in the week. This product will be available for next week deliveries (we will send out notification that the inventory is available). Once we know for certain we will be getting this product back we will be updating inventory on the site. Eggs will be available as they are layed! The next few days eggs will be used to fill existing orders and by late in the week we should have inventory available. Our processor has committed to making processing our animals one of their priority but we are still just one of many. We will be having as many animals processed as possible and as much product available as possible going forward! We are also expecting a shipment of the Ashe County Cheese later this week! We will continue to have Thursday listed as our delivery date but understand we will most likely be delivering on Tuesday and/or Wednesday as well due to the volume of orders. We will communicate with you to let you know when to expect your delivery. Thanks for your support, understand and patience through this. Stay safe and healthy! Chad and Faith

Welcome to Creekside Farm's new website and ordering system!

Creekside Farms is happy to introduce Creekside Farm's new online ordering system. This new site will not only serve as our new website but also your one stop shop for ordering all of our products and also products from selected farmers/producers. The site should function somewhat similar to how Peachtree2Go functioned, but hopefully provide some advantages for the customer as well. As always we hope to receive CONSTRUCTIVE comments and suggestions to improve the service over time. Please feel free to email questions about product availability or let us know if there are products that we do not carry that you would love to see. We hope this option of ordering our products along with other farmers/producers products will work well for all our current and future customers.